Why True Pay Transparency is the Future

What does “pay transparency” even mean?  

Surprisingly, the definition is not that clear. What HR and Employers typically mean (pay process transparency), is often very different than what an Employee expects (full compensation disclosure).

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Technology and Recruiting: Part I

Chatbots save recruiters valuable time by handing basic hiring tasks

Whether we’re pumping gas or trying to find the best available price for a certain pair of shoes, technology is making our lives a little easier and saving us valuable time. That goes double in the business world, as technology continues to make our jobs and duties more productive and efficient. This is true across all industries and all company departments—including recruiting and talent management. Take today’s chatbots, for example.

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Why High-Touch Isn't Just for Executive Recruiting

The talent industry lost a giant last month in Gerard Roche.  Gerry was an executive and headhunter at Heidrick & Struggles, one of the world’s top executive search firms. Gerry taught us that a CEO doesn’t always have to possess deep experience in a given sector to be successful.

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Employer Branding Starts with Candidate Experience

Why it’s important to treat candidates like more than parts in your recruiting machine

Tech startups are competing for the same engineering talent that the big names are but have yet to gain household-name status and the candidate appeal that goes with it. However, there are a number of ways startups can often outperform more established companies, and one important way is by offering excellent candidate experience.

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Ready to Kick Recruiting into High Gear? Your Timing Couldn’t Be Better

If you want to fill key roles by the beginning of the year, each week that passes makes that objective a little bit harder. The recruiting cycle takes time. Once you’ve engaged a candidate it’s easier to keep the interviewing cycle moving through traditionally slower times, such as mid-November through the end of the year.

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Part Two of Two: Startup DNA

Rounding out the top 10 challenges, however, are five that pertain to processes and how to approach recruiting as an endeavor rather the type of candidate you hope to bring on board.

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Part One of Two: Startup DNA

Being a startup, particularly in the tech industry, can be exciting—but it’s never easy. Startups face challenges in every direction they turn, especially when it comes to recruiting.

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