HireLabs specializes in creating customized startup recruiting strategies, handling everything from soup to nuts


One person, one project, or an entire team, we scale to your needs and work at your speed.

We can help you design & manage your recruiting process so you don't have to,

ramping up quickly, but moving at a pace that works for your business.  Ultimately

leaving you in a position to grow for the long-term.

Our specialties include:


HireLabs is a team of scrappy recruiters with decades of deep startup and technical expertise, and we're as hungry as you are to succeed. We have a ton of resources and a vast network, along with the courage to experiment and take risks, just like you.  We’ve got mad skills and the right amount of backbone to pull off some crazy experiments (relatively speaking) to get things done. We know our stuff and aren't afraid to tell you the truth.

We know startups and we thrive on your challenges and idiosyncrasies (thank you Word-of-the-Day calendar!). Whether you want us to support your recruiting efforts, or be your efforts, we will partner with you to evaluate your hiring needs and develop a strategy to meet not only your immediate goals, but those that will serve you long after you have graduated into the maturity model.

We’re not competing with the Big Guys and we’re not going after The Whale. We know who we are, who we want to work with, and what we’re good at. HireLabs doesn’t work on the placement fee model. We’ll work with you to figure out who you need and we’ll bring them in. Fast or slow, whatever your pace, we'll just get it done.