Tom Thompson

Cofounder, Seattle WA

Tom has consulted for a broad range of companies and knows the important and nuanced role that growth plays in a startup. He does some of his best work handling recruiting emergencies and helping out with last-minute problems. When he’s not working, you might find him coaching his local youth track club, or cooking a brisket in his custom, home-built smoker.

Stephanie Thompson

Cofounder, Seattle WA

From years of living on nothing but iced tea, Stephanie knows that a startup’s foundational hiring choices are profoundly critical to the company’s success. She brings passion and tenacity to all her clients, and thrives on the excitement of smart people bringing innovative ideas to life. A proud geek-girl and sci-fi movie junkie, Stephanie also has some conventional hobbies like knitting, dogs, and gardening—but only when the weather is nice!

Lisa Offutt

Talent Sourcer & Lead, Peoria IL

Fueled by coffee and empowered by her natural curiosity, Lisa has been locating missing pieces to recruitment puzzles and connecting the startup dots with companies in the US and abroad. She knows that when a team is lean, fit is critically important, and in the fast-paced startup environment, delegating recruitment is key. A licensed amateur radio operator, and an avid fan of live music, Lisa has many unique interests, including the brave idea of becoming a tornado spotter.

Kelly Hale

Talent Sourcer, Portland OR

Kelly lives in a tiny-house village next to an adorable food cart pod on a street paved with espresso beans. She produced a play, published several short stories, co-wrote a TV tie-in novel called Grimm Reality for the iconic series Doctor Who, and won grand prize (with cash!) for her first novel, Erasing Sherlock. She is a certified sourcing ninja, Boolean string master, and a research magician; Zen in the ways of social networking.

Ryanne Robles

Recruiting Coordinator, Orem UT

After traveling the world (5 continents and counting!), Ryanne settled in Utah where she enjoys pilates, gardening, and an occasional sparkling probiotic beverage. A skilled and experienced recruiting coordinator, she dedicates herself to ensuring the effectiveness and success of the team by working with speed and precision. She feels lucky that her life balances the thrill and satisfaction of daily startup challenges with the joys of raising a beautiful family.

Stephanie McDonald

Senior Talent Consultant

Stephanie is our right coast talent consultant with a passion for creating exceptional candidate experiences and working with startups that share her passion for people. When she’s not recruiting, Stephanie is a video gaming nerd (mini_fury on Steam), zealous Mini Cooper owner, and mom to three rescued Boston Terriers. On her days off, look for her around Charleston, online, or at the movies. Extra points for guessing her favorite director. Hint: fireworks, foxes, and family.