Who is HireLabs?

Who are we? Well, we’re a recruiting firm—and a darned good one, if we must say—headquartered in beautiful and occasionally-sunny Seattle, with staff in various regions of the U.S. And the gist is this: we have a vast recruiting network along with decades of experience helping early-stage firms build out teams.

Who are your clients?

HireLabs works with only the sharpest tools in the shed. You know, ones right at the cutting edge. Growing technology companies across the U.S. and Canada. For the most part, our clients are venture-funded startups with fewer than 75 full-time employees. 

What recruiting services do you offer?

Thanks for asking. Because we’re proud to provide full-service recruiting and talent acquisition services of every kind. We help clients see the big picture around their headcount needs, today and years from today. We strategize; we research; we measure; we report. We incorporate innovative technical tools (i.e., the best in the business) to help make sure your organization finds and lands candidates extraordinaires. We support you throughout the entire recruiting process—you might call us the guardian angels of recruiting. From job descriptions to compensation negotiations and everything in between, we’re at your side.

What is an RPO?

Literally? By definition it’s the acronym for “Recruitment Process Outsourcing.” What it means in layman’s terms is all your recruiting-related activities (including management of contingency agencies) are taken care of by your RPO vendor.

What kinds of positions does HireLabs recruit for?

The kinds that fill roles up and down the company ladder. We’re talking interns to C-level leaders in sales, engineering, creative, product marketing, and more.

What distinguishes you from other recruiting firms?

We totally get tech; we totally get startups. We’re experts on both. Not because we’re super smart (although we are!), but because we have more than 20 years experience working with the brightest engineering and business minds that drive the technology industry. We worked with the first generation of the dot com vanguard and represent the transformative tech leaders of today. 

What do you do that we can’t do in-house?

Get things done quickly, for starters. It’s not just about landing candidates--it’s about landing the right candidates. Without a true recruiting team in-house, what should take a week takes months, and what should take a month can sometimes take a year. Recruiting is administratively heavy and requires a lot of specialty skills that most startup teams don’t possess. We can make your life WAY easier, get the talent you need faster, and save you money overall.

What are the costs?

Not to hedge, but that depends entirely on your needs. HireLabs charges by the hour for our services (inquire here), which include everything from administrative support to strategy management to straight up SWAT-style find-and-hire. We act as a turnkey recruiting team and can scale up and down as needed. And, because we aim to build you up for long-term success, all of the tools and sourcing done on your behalf belongs to you.

Can I get references?

Absolutely! It gives us an excuse to let others sing our praises. Since HireLabs’ recruiting and talent acquisition model has proven successful for decades now, we have a whole battalion of references to offer. Let us know if you would like to talk to someone who has been in your shoes.

How can we get started?

Now that’s a question we like to hear. It’s easy! Just contact us to set up an initial phone meeting. We offer free exploratory calls to answer any questions and dive into initial ideas you may have.