We Aren't For You

Why HireLabs Is NOT Who You Need

You’re a pretty big company these days, admit it. You’re on your way to being labeled an “enterprise” if you’re not called that already.

Of course, you’re still growing fast. So fast, in fact, you’re unable to recruit the talent you need right now, whether through job listings or by way of the referrals you’ve grown accustomed to leveraging through new hires and existing employees.   

In sum, you have now exhausted your networks and hit a wall. You’re evaluating your recruiting options and found a wide variety of choice, including contingency models based on actual hires and more traditional agencies that charge fixed monthly fees as their retainer.

At HireLabs, we use the Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. That means we can serve as a “just-in-time” or a-la-carte recruiting solution (buffet comes to mind) depending on your needs. By employing an entire team of sourcers, full-cycle leads, and strategists, we’re essentially an in-house recruiting team without becoming part of your actual staff.


Sounds good, right? Wrong.

As a larger, mid-sized company, you don’t want to work with us and HireLabs will likewise pass on working with you. We’re picky about who we help succeed in this tough recruiting market, and don’t work with more established companies. Join an ambitious, early-stage startup and then we’ll talk. And when you hit that dreamed about hockey-stick, HireLabs’ hiring mission will be accomplished, and we’ll help you find the right recruiter or recruiting team to bring in-house for the next stage.

We know who we are and know what we do best: engaging with companies who’ve grown by hiring from the “friends and family plan” but now need professional expertise and a vast network of industry connections. We specialize in helping nascent companies build everything from strategy to onboarding and all things in-between.

When you start out fresh with little hiring experience, it’s hard to know what critical pieces might be missing. While a lot of founders have been involved in the hiring process at some point in their careers, driving it as a strategic function through the organization is another matter. But HireLabs is especially well-suited to help startup companies do just that.

We really and truly love the startup space, working with innovators and seeing new technologies improve people’s lives time and again. And admittedly, startups have their own quirky DNA, which isn’t well suited for the masses. It takes a special kind of personality to not only survive, but thrive in that environment. And we can spot those culture mismatches a mile away.


But there's still hope

We hope you understand why we’re selective about the companies we choose to partner with, and why we’re not a match for big firms. However, if you’re with a startup that’s in our sweet spot—a growing venture with less than 50 employees—we’d love to hear from you and discuss how our value proposition could be just what you need. Please feel free to leave a comment or reach out anytime: stephanie@hirelabs.com.