The KonMari Phenomenon and Hiring: What would Marie Kondo say about your recruiting process?

Marie Kondo is busily changing closets and lives around the world by asking “Does this spark joy?” And while we are perhaps folding our t-shirt collections slightly more neatly than before the book and Netflix phenomenon, we also let her ideas around tidying up flow into our recruiting and onboarding process.

Here’s 5 tips to channel your inner Marie Kondo

  1. Go to your website and fill out an application. If it takes more than 3-5 minutes, it’s too long. Work with your recruiting team to shorten it to the things you actually need to collect. Name, location, contact information, resume and authorization to work in the US (work status) are all we suggest in an initial application.

  2. Take a long look at your interview process. Typically we find that over time it expands to include more interviewers than are needed, we call this interview creep. We see this when interviewers aren’t using competency-based interviewing techniques to screen candidates, so more interviewers are asked to participate to get enough feedback to make a decision. If you take a step back and decide what competencies are needed for the role and use those to interview, you can use less interviewers and the candidate experience will improve.

  3. Once you find that perfect hire, how long is it taking you to make an offer? We can tell you, the big companies aren’t good at this. We’ve seen them take 3-21 days to get an offer in a candidates hands, and meanwhile a startup like yours can swoop in and let speed help them win the hire. We’ve had clients who had offers pre-approved and ready to give to top candidates within 15 minutes of the interview loop wrapping up. Imagine how that makes your new hire feel?

  4. When you identify someone you want to hire in the future, how are you following up with them? Strong software tools are the only way to be sure candidates are not slipping through the cracks. See our ATS recos here.

  5. Onboarding - are you ready when your new hire walks in on day one? Do you have a training plan documented to share with them? Is their computer ready because you asked them their preferences for set up prior to day one? The onboarding process is the first opportunity to make your new hire feel like they’ve made the best decision for their career.

We hope your recruiting process now looks as neat as Marie Kondo’s sock drawer.  If you need help, we’re offering a free 30-minute strategy session, which includes a copy of our comprehensive “First 90 Days” onboarding checklist.  Get yours today!

Authored by Stephanie McDonald, Senior Recruiter