What’s a startup’s best competitive advantage? A woman at the table on day one.

Celebrate International Women’s Day: #BalanceforBetter

Startup companies are in a unique position to change the dynamic for women in technology in ways that the giants of the industry are not.  As a lean and nimble creature, a startup company can course-correct much quicker than the big guys.

Female representation in tech industries matters in order to build competitive products and services. Startups that include women from the beginning won’t be spending money down the road on programs and initiatives designed to find out why they can’t hire women or why they don’t stay long-term. They’ll know what the women in their companies require to thrive and succeed because they’ve already asked them.

A few ways to invite more women into tech startups include:

  • Seeking initial product/concept design consultation from a woman/women led agency. Avoiding data bias out of the gate already puts your company in the lead

  • Hiring women from high schools, community and state colleges to work in temporary positions as they complete their education. Women and minorities are often not in an economic position to be unpaid interns. Develop the talent and skills you need, and grow your company with people who value the opportunities your company affords them

  • Taking the time to establish real trust with women in their communities, online and off, such as Meetups, Facebook groups, networking events, etc.

  • Creating a safe space for real opinions - especially those that differ from established norms

  • Mentoring for the long-term, after trust is earned

  • Offering a suite of benefits that celebrates your diverse workforce. Put your money where your mouth is!

  • Making sure female and minority hires know your company does not tolerate harassment in any form and that you have policies in place to assure their rights are protected

Here are some other great ideas from an actual woman in tech that might be useful. Remember that as your startup grows, the women who work for you will encourage and invite other women to do the same. And more women means better business.

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 Authored by Kelly Hale, Sourcer